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Effective 15 March 2024, Enrich member will have an option to receive One-Time Password (OTP) via WhatsApp or SMS for verification whenever you log in to Enrich Online. This one-time code will confirm your identity, ensuring that only you are authorised to access your Enrich account.​

With WhatsApp method, you must have a WhatsApp account linked to your registered phone number and the OTP will be sent to your WhatsApp.​



Advantages of WhatsApp OTP





WhatsApp OTPs come with a built-in SMS fallback option. If, for any reason, a WhatsApp OTP cannot be delivered, the system automatically falls back to sending the OTP via SMS. ​

Do ensure that your Enrich profile is updated with your latest contact number which will enable you to receive WhatsApp OTPs. ​



How to log in to your Enrich account with a WhatsApp OTP:​





Did not log in but still received a WhatsApp OTP or SMS? ​

Do not reveal or forward your OTP to anyone and let us know immediately if you think your account is compromised. ​





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